Tired of Misplacing Your Keys? A Keypad Lock is for You! Keys are one of the most difficult items to keep track of, yet they are also one of the most crucial items we carry with us. If we lose our keys, we are locked out of our automobiles, houses, offices, lockers, and other facilities. If you’re constantly misplacing your keys and having to contact a Philadelphia emergency locksmith to let you into your own home, going keyless with a keypad lock might be the solution.Tired of Misplacing Your Keys? A Keypad Lock is for You!

From a company or commercial standpoint, keypad locks are also fantastic.

Unlike normal locks, keypad locks require a passcode to unlock them instead of a key. You can gain entry to your property by entering a number code, whether or not you have a physical key! This is an excellent solution for folks who frequently lose their keys. It’s also a good idea if someone you know is going to stay with you but will arrive before you. Let them in until you arrive, rather than waiting for them to find a key. For tweens and teenagers who are old enough to live alone but not yet responsible enough to carry their keys with them.

Keypad locks are useful for business and commercial uses in addition to domestic use. A keypad lock can easily be reset to a different code when an employee quits. This eliminates the possibility of ex-employees returning. 

Please contact our locksmith Philly company at (267)433-6636 to learn more about keypad locks and Three Reasons to Switch to a Keypad Lock!

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