At our 24-hour residential locksmith, we want to assist you in doing what is best for your house or business, which includes keeping your property secure. It may be necessary to have the locks rekeyed from time to time to ensure that your building is safe from prospective invaders. We’ll go over a few circumstances where and When You Should Rekey Your Locks to ensure security in this article.When Should You Rekey Your Locks?

When Should Your Locks Be Rekeyed?

To begin, we’d like to clarify that rekeying a lock is not the same as simply replacing the lock with a new one. 

When it’s Time to Replace Older Locks-

One reason to rekey a lock is if it has become obsolete. Because older locks have fewer pins than newer locks, they are easier to pick and thus less secure. We can add more pins to these obsolete locks when our specialists rekey them, increasing their security and giving you more peace of mind.

When Your Keys Go Missing- 

If you lose your keys, rekeying is another case where we advocate it. If you can’t find all of your key copies, someone may find one and use it to enter your building without your permission. You should devalue your old keys, just as you would devalue a lost credit card.

When You Relocate to a New Location-

When relocating in to a new house or business location, rekeying your locks is also a good idea. Unless the house is brand new, the previous owner or someone they trusted with a key may possess a duplicate set of keys. It’s advisable to rekey the locks to ensure that only you and your chosen few have access to your home. We also encourage you to use our lockout services Philadelphia firm.

It’s a pain in the neck not knowing when to acquire new locks for your home or business. Are you also Tired of  Misplacing Your Keys? A Keypad Lock is for You! When you’re ready to learn more, contact us at (267)433-6636 or go to our website.

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