Our objective is to help you keep your house or company as safe and secure as possible with our 24-hour locksmith Philadelphia company, and we do it by providing several services and products. Keypad locks are one of the numerous products we provide, and they have several advantages. We’ll go over Three Reasons to Switch to a Keypad Lock to help you determine if it’s the correct step for you.

Switching to a Keypad Lock for Three ReasonsThree Reasons to Switch to a Keypad Lock

You Won’t Have to Carry Keys – 

One obvious advantage of using a keypad lock is that you won’t have to carry a key. That way, no one can lose or misplace a key, and no one can get unauthorized entrance to a structure.

Keypad Locks are More Durable –

Another advantage of digital locks is that they are more durable than traditional locks. Due to friction and heavy use, keyed locks can wear down with time, and you may have to jiggle the key or turn it just to get it to function. Because keypad locks do not have the same issue with friction, they will last longer.

You’ll Have More Security- 

As previously said, with a keypad lock, you’ll never have to worry about your keys falling into the wrong hands. Keypad locks are also resistant to lock picking and lock bumping.

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