If you are locked out of your home and do not have a hidden or spare key, you may have no choice except to hire a locksmith out to your home to get you back inside. Understandably, you may be wondering “How Long Do Locksmiths Take?—after all, you need to get on with your day.


Various factors will influence how long it takes a Philadelphia emergency locksmith to access your door. Depending on these criteria, it could take anywhere from a few seconds to 45 minutes, plus the time it takes the locksmith to arrive at your residence.

Here are the elements that will have the greatest impact on how long it takes a locksmith to change your locks and get you back inside:



The method used by a locksmith to open the door will determine how long it takes. A professional will always attempt to open the lock securely and without causing any damage to your current hardware. There are various ways to accomplish this, including picking the lock. Some approaches, when paired with the type of lock, will result in a lengthy process. Smashing down the door would be considerably faster, but most homeowners are unwilling to even consider that alternative.

How Long Do Locksmiths Take?

Type of lock: 

With the right equipment and skills, a trained locksmith can easily open a simple Euro cylinder lock. High-security locks, on the other hand, may necessitate more complicated tools and approaches that will take a bit longer. After all, they’re meant to deter invaders. There are other locks with anti-bumping or anti-picking features (typically found under the umbrella of security locks) that can make opening the lock more difficult.

Condition of the lock: 

If the lock is damaged, the locksmith may not be able to pick it up due to the inner mechanisms. In this case, the locksmith may need to replace the door hardware and locks.

The number of locks: 

Unlocking a single lock will, of course, take significantly less time than unlocking multiple locks considering that more locks mean more work and more time.


If the lock was put upside down, the job could take longer. This may appear absurd, but it does occur, particularly when the lock was fitted by a do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Ability to pick: 

If the locksmith is unable to pick the lock open, they may need to drill the lock out. This will take longer, not because it’s harder to drill through the hardware without harming the door, but because the locksmith will have exhausted all other options.


So, how long does changing locks take? And Can Locksmiths Make Car Keys? This is fully dependent on the parameters described above. Contact lockout services near me or Philly Locksmith at (267) 433-6636 right away to discuss your locksmithing requirements. You can also refer to our website for other locksmith services and helpful information.

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