Sister Cities Park is a picturesque stretch of green space that can be found in the center of Philadelphia’s famous arts and cultural district. It is located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in the exact middle of the distance between City Hall and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Sister Cities fountain is a one-of-a-kind representation of the world with Philadelphia at its center. From this vantage point, panoramic views bring Philadelphia’s skyscrapers, historic cathedrals, and museums into harmony.

Additionally, the fountain is close enough for adults to touch it and for children to run through it. The geyser-like spouts of the fountain represent Philadelphia’s 10 sister cities; each one is positioned in the fountain according to its global connection to Philadelphia. Read more about Liberty Bell in another post. Contact Philly locksmith if your car gets locked in the center city, pa. Or call them at 267-433-6636.

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