Nothing is more frustrating than being shut out of a place you need to be. But the big question is Can Locksmiths Make Car Keys? Philly Locksmith experts can help you with that question! Auto locksmiths specialize in helping you break back into your vehicle, whether you left your keys in a locked car or for some other reason.


Auto locksmiths can not only unlock locked cars, but they can also make new keys, remove broken keys from locks, and even replace both the locks on your car doors and the entire ignition system.

Vehicle locksmiths have a monopoly on all things car-key and car-security related in a complex sector due to technological advances in car manufacture and security systems. They’re popular. We’ll discuss an auto locksmith’s capabilities and services below.

What Is the Role of an Auto Locksmith?

While residential locksmiths produce keys and unlock doors in homes, and commercial locksmiths do the same in businesses and industrial buildings, auto locksmiths typically unlock automobiles and replace car keys.

Can Locksmiths Make Car Keys?

Auto locksmiths offer in-shop and mobile services for duplicating car keys and other issues (which would be far more expensive at a dealership). Auto locksmiths specialize in mobile services, helping customers stranded in a Walmart parking lot at midnight or locked out of a gas station in the desert.

What An Auto Locksmith Can Do

The fundamental service provided by auto locksmiths is simply unlocking a vehicle. They can, however, remove broken keys, duplicate or replace keys, and, in rare cases, replace entire locks and ignition switches. Let us begin with automobile unlocking.

Car Unlocking

First and foremost, get back into your vehicle. How does an auto locksmith get into your car without a key? They use a variety of tactics to break into vehicles, all of which differ depending on the type of vehicle and the type of lock system used.


  • The most typical method is to “jimmy” the automobile lock open. To access the lock, slide a slim jim — or thin piece of metal — between the window and the weather stripping on a car door.
  • In movies, hangers are used, but the safer slim jim poses less risk to the vehicle. When things become tough, several objects can serve as slim jims. “Jimmying” works best on older cars with legitimate keys and no alarms.
  • Modern autos with enhanced security no longer need traditional keys. When unlocking a car without a car lock that uses “keyless remotes,” the auto locksmith reprograms the code (using a VATS passcode detector or something similar) so you can get in.

Getting Rid of Broken Keys

Wear or a bad turn can break automobile keys. It’s not common, but often enough to justify specialized assistance. Though it’s not your fault if a key breaks in the lock, it’s difficult to remove and you can’t start your car.


The key’s cracks are often exposed when it snaps in a door or ignition. Locksmiths utilize key extraction kits and tools to extricate keys from cracks. A package comprises an extraction tool and extras. A key extraction tool is a slender metal piece with two hooks at the end. Thin plier-like tools may grip both sides of a key.


Broken car keys should not be used to start the automobile. If something goes wrong during the extraction, it might cost more and inflict more harm than just removing a damaged key.

Replacing Or Duplicating Keys

Auto locksmiths operate with two different types of car keys. The first is automobile keys that are not linked to a fob or an electrical component. These are simple to create and are not dissimilar to obtaining a duplicate house key from a conventional domestic locksmith.


It becomes more difficult when automobile keys are coupled to a fob. Many of these keys are also transponder keys, which means they have a chip that is unique to that vehicle.


The automobile will not start unless the ignition reads the code stored in the chip. You can have an auto locksmith duplicate simply the key portion of the key fob; however, if it’s a transponder key, you’ll need a little more humph!

Can A Locksmith Make A Car Key?

Auto locksmiths and skilled locksmiths can now reprogram a transponder key — or create a whole new programmed key — so you can get into your vehicle (or have an extra key!).


Car dealerships do as well, but obtaining a duplicate transponder key from a dealership might be prohibitively expensive. Auto locksmiths are usually far more affordable when it comes to producing a transponder key.


Many transponder keys and keyless ignition fobs do not allow you to lock your car while the key is inside. Regardless of how much easier this makes life, it’s still a good idea to have a duplicate for safekeeping — who knows what could happen to that one, very unique car key?

Is It Possible For A Locksmith To Repair A Car Ignition?

Car ignitions can be repaired and replaced by auto locksmiths. Typically, if there is an issue with the ignition, it is the cylinder into which the key is inserted. When dealing with more sophisticated issues, the locksmith may be able to replace the entire ignition — wiring and everything.


It’s important to note that if you’re locked in a parking lot, the auto locksmith may not be able to perform this when he arrives. Car ignitions are rather brand and model specific, so he may have to order parts and have them completed later. But he should be able to get your car running so you can get home.

Can a Locksmith Replace Car Door Locks?

Locksmiths are also very capable of replacing standard car door or trunk locks. Sometimes locks simply wear out, and having the option to change a car door if security issues or problems occur can be quite beneficial.

What Is the Cost of Auto Locksmith Services?

Prices for auto locksmith services can vary greatly depending on location, time, and difficulty, as with most things. 


  • The basic hourly fee ranges from $50 to $100. If you contact an auto locksmith after hours, the prices will range from $75 to $125 per hour.


  • The cost of unlocking an automobile is between $50 and $100. The difficulty of the lock will most likely decide the price (key or keyless, etc.).


  • A complete lock change costs $75 per hour on average but can cost up to $200 if the lock is intricate or other barriers are present. As is customary, getting this done at a dealership will very certainly cost you much more.


  • Rekeying a car (where the owner has different keys to unlock and start it) costs $50 to $300. This is a large range, but costs are usually modest, so $50 to $150 is a safe bet.


  • New keys range in price from $10 to $150. As you may expect, the price will rise as rekeying methods become more advanced, necessitating chip programming. However, if it’s just a regular key, the price should remain modest.


  • A replacement ignition switch will typically cost between $125 and $275, not including materials and installation.

Should You Consider Becoming an Auto Locksmith?

Is car locksmithing difficult to learn? Whether you want to become one yourself or just save money the next time you or a friend are in a jam, vehicle locksmithing is not difficult to learn if you have access to the correct information.


There are several internet resources and paid training programs available to help you learn vehicle locksmithing. More complicated services, such as reprogramming a keyless automobile, will necessitate more specific training that will take more time to master than basic key duplication.


You will also require the appropriate tools, such as a key extraction kit and the like.


Hangers and pliers are no longer always sufficient. If you want to become an auto locksmith, locksmithing organizations will provide you with training and tools so you can fix automobiles and locks rapidly.

If you are locked out, how can Philly Locksmith Services assist you?Can Locksmiths Make Car Keys?

Do you require the best roadside assistance and are seeking a reputable operator? Philly Locksmith provides simple, quick contact with an auto locksmith to get you the assistance you require. Philly Locksmith can be reached via phone or, more conveniently, through their app. Their app leverages proximity searches to connect you with locksmiths and mechanics who are the nearest to you.


All of Philly’s cheap locksmith Philadelphia contractors and staff have been “vetted using a seven-point candidate check” and have received training in the most recent safety measures. You can feel safe phoning a stranger in the middle of the night for assistance and finding out What Does A Locksmith Do. Contact (267) 433-6636 right away if you’ve locked yourself out of your car and need a reliable locksmith!

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