Locksmiths frequently find themselves in difficult circumstances. Among their various services, duplicating keys, repairing broken locks, and opening locked doors are just a few. However, Can Locksmiths Make Keys From A Lock, as opposed to duplicating a key?


This may not be a question you frequently consider, but producing a key from a lock is a regular request for a 24-hour locksmith. So, is it possible? Let’s discuss this.

Why Locksmiths Use Locks to Create Keys

Why not have the locksmith copy the key? The customer’s undamaged key makes this a simple fix. However, this is not always the case.


Broken or worn keys. Keys are often tough and resilient, but not indestructible. Wear and tear can cause keys to breaking off (sometimes within the lock) or become worn down. They may be difficult to use to unlock the door, and may eventually stop functioning.


Lost keys. Lost keys are another reason locksmiths are asked to make keys from locks. Maybe the keys were forgotten, dropped, stolen, or tossed. You may be surprised how often things happen.


For those without a spare key, this creates a difficult position. A locksmith must duplicate the key from the lock.

Can Locksmiths Make Keys From a Lock?

How Keys Are Made from Locks by Locksmiths


Even while locksmiths can make keys from locks, it is not always a simple operation. Quite the opposite. These circumstances frequently necessitate problem-solving and may even necessitate the disassembly of a home lock.


The key is cut based on the code. Every lock includes a key code that can be used to manufacture a replacement key. This code is a string of characters that gives each key a distinct appearance. Sometimes, locksmiths can use old keys or even a broken key fragment to determine the code. For some high-end locks, key code cards make key replacement easy. As long as the key code card isn’t locked out!


Extremely skilled locksmiths can reproduce a key by disassembling the lock and cracking the code using the pins and their arrangement. Calling the lock’s manufacturer may also help. These aren’t the most obvious or straightforward solutions.


Duplicate the lock. Without a code, taking an impression of a lock is far less difficult, as it does not require disassembling the lock. A qualified locksmith is required to create lasting impressions. Before the locksmith can cut a new key, he or she will insert a blank key and turn it in multiple times to obtain pin imprints.

Make Keys at Philadelphia-Locksmith

A skilled locksmith is needed to access a locked property without a key and cut a new key. There are solutions, and 5 Services You didn’t Know Your locksmith Offered that Philly-Locksmith can assist with.


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