Remember fumbling with your car keys while carrying groceries and a child out of the store parking lot? However, many customers are baffled by how these amazing technologies work. In this post, we’ll go through the fundamentals of How Key Fobs Work to shed some light on the subject.

Fobs are essentially digital keys that allow for remote access. The user is not required to use a genuine key to open the door. The fob provides convenience and security not generally seen in manual locks.

The Function of Key FobsHow Key Fobs Work

The most common two questions we get regarding key fobs are where can I get a lost car key replacement at a reasonable price and how do they notify the door to lock or unlock. The fob sends a wave pattern to a receiver on the door, which triggers the locking mechanism. Also, why does pushing your key fob only open your car and not the entire lot? So it sends out a radio signal that only the receiver it’s connected to can pick up. There are several uses for this technology called radiofrequency identification (RFID).

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