There are several scenarios in which a safe owner may become locked out. In this article, We will discuss good, quality safes that must be opened professionally for the safe to be reused in as-good-as-new condition. Can locksmith open safe?

Locksmith Open Safe

However, for high-quality safes, you should consult with a professional. You’ll be able to protect your investment and continue to use the safe for many years after hiring a skilled, safe opening locksmith. Locksmiths can open safes if the combination has failed, the combination has been lost, the safe dial/keypad has failed, or the door linkage has broken. Locksmiths will use replacement parts, dial manipulation, or drill points to open a safe.

This is a very advanced locksmithing skill that many locksmiths never learn. It takes time, and mastery can only be attained through years of practice.

How Do Locksmiths Open Safes When the Combination Has Failed

  • The electronic combination on the safe has stopped working.
  • The safe locksmith must now determine what is causing the problem. There could be several reasons why the combination is no longer effective.
  • The batteries are running low. Often, batteries have enough power to light up and hear when a key on the keypad is pressed. They lack the power to pull the solenoid and open the safe. Before calling a locksmith, start by replacing the batteries.
  • Something on the keypad has gone wrong. Perhaps one of the numbers is no longer recognized. The face plate of many new electronic safe locks can be replaced to resolve this issue. Your local locksmith will be able to tell you which part you require.
  • If the electronic lock fails in some other way, the safe must be drilled
  • The dial combination on the safe has stopped working.

Manipulation of the Safe Dial

Combination dial locks can deteriorate over time. Lubrication wears out, dust and dirt enter, and the numbers used to open the safe move away from their center points on the dial.

This prevents the lock body gates from aligning and the safe from opening. As a result, you should have your combination lock serviced by a local locksmith every few years to keep it in good working order. When presented with a dial safe, the safecracker will frequently attempt to open the safe by drift-dialing the combination in. So, if the combination was supposed to be 10 – 20 – 30, they could begin by experimenting with values close to those values and then gradually expand those to larger offsets. You can get local locksmith services near me anytime.

It is much faster than drilling a safe when it works, but it is not guaranteed to work because the issue may not be drifting at all. If you find yourself in this situation, you can try it without risking further damage to the safe. See What to Try When a Safe Combination Stops Working for more information on the technique.

When The Lock Fails, Or There Is No Combination, How Do Locksmiths Open Safes

How Locksmiths Open Locked Safes Without a Combination is a detailed article, we wrote.

Drilling Through the Safe’s Drill Point with a Drill Rig

When the combination has been lost, the lock has completely failed, or the internal door linkage has malfunctioned, locksmiths will typically, but not always, drill the safe.

If the combination is lost, the locksmith will try various other options before drilling. In some cases, a safe company may have the ability to override or reset an electronic lock. Obtaining the information from the safe company usually necessitates using a locksmith to verify your ownership of the safe. Before drilling, locksmiths will attempt to obtain an override code for electronic locks or the dial combination.

Except in these rare cases, the locksmith will drill the safe open. This also applies to combination locks that have been tampered with. Locksmiths can usually obtain specific drill points for a given safe with the necessary certifications and training. Drill points are the locations where the safe technician can gain access to the inner workings of the safe by drilling a very small hole of about 1/4 inch. These locations are closely guarded secrets and are not disclosed without the locksmith’s approval.

The technician can use a lighted scope or video camera scope to see the mechanicals of the lock and bypass it to get the door open from that drill point. The image at the top of this page depicts one of our safe locksmiths using a scope to inspect and thus manipulate the dial wheels.

After that, the drill point can be filled with a steel rod and cut flush. The lock body or dial can be replaced, and the safe can be used to protect your valuables as intended. If no drill points are found, the safe locksmith can still open the safe, but it will take longer. The locksmith must use his knowledge and drill the safe (possibly several times) to find a location where a scope can be used to see the mechanicals and open the safe.

Because of the expertise and training required, as well as the licensing or tradesman membership, you can expect to pay more for a safe-cracking locksmith than other locksmith services. As a result, we frequently have people locked out of low-end safes because the cost of opening the safe exceeds the safe’s value. This is especially true for big-box store junk safes with plastic walls rather than metal. They are not designed to be repaired. In such cases, a locksmith may simply use brute force to gain you entry at a significantly lower cost. After that, you can buy another low-cost safe or upgrade to a much more difficult-to-enter safe. Read our next post about how much does locksmith cost for a car. Philly locksmith are the best ones in the town and providing 24 hrs locksmith services. Call us at 267-433-6636 anytime without hesitation.

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